His list of titles can go one for sometime, he always forgets to add “Largest of the Hams”… though in retrospect that might be one that Peter gave him.

Technically speaking I don’t think this counts as a new character, as he’s been on the cast page since there was a cast page. He’s not a character we will probably see a great deal. His story is at a greater tangent with ours than even someone like Tyler’s, but we’ve stumbled upon an intersection.

Atter and Nathan are something of counterparts for their departments, but their rivalry dates further back and deeper than that.

We are but a dollar short on the next Patreon goal! A major thanks to those have chipped in (and those who’ve been in all along 😀 ). I guess I need to get working on it… I think the next step is a vote for what time period/story we should pick. I think Patreons will vote, but now’s the last shot to throw ideas into the ring (though I’ll ultimately pick the voting options).