Main Characters (WIP)

Peter Kepler: There was little doubt that Peter was a talented investigator. He has an uncanny ability to draw the line before most people even see the dots. Unfortunately, his ability to model the outcome of a conversation exceeded his ability to actually hold one. Still, armed with his intuition, prodigious computer manipulation talents, and the most powerful Mage in the department as his partner, he was once a rising star of IDS Criminal Investigations.

And then he went rogue. Suddenly and completely dropping off the map, with even his partner shocked and confused, he was gone.

Now he’s back, but he’s playing a new game that no one quite seems to know.




Mium Efiate: A polite but peculiar boy that appears to be Peter’s quite capable shadow. His origin and story remain a mystery to most, and his skills are quite strange.

He is notoriously difficult to hold a normal conversation with, but seems to know a great deal of things he should not.









Naomi Atarah: An enthusiastic girl whose stated intention is to save the world. Blessed with a excess of raw magical power, she seems to be an innate “booster”, but lacks the ability to calculate complex spells.

Once a self-proclaimed Hero Without a Cause, she found a Cause now working with Peter, though one can only wonder if she truly knows what she’s involved in.

Relentlessly active, she’s rarely still for long. Some say that when she faces a challenge, she seems to enjoy overcoming it just a little too much…






Kallisto Summers: An IDS Enforcer, Peter’s former partner. Once she and Peter were jointly instrumental in a meteoric rise through the ranks as partners but she was left behind when he went rogue. She was responsible for bringing in (or down) the target when Peter tracked them down, and as good at her role as he was at his; coming to Criminal Investigations branch from Situation Containment branch (colloquially known as ‘Monster Hunters’) she has more firepower at her disposal then the typical IDS CI Agent. She is resentful and suspicious of Peter’s sudden defection, as they were quite close before it.








Arron Kepler: The local Director for the IDS Criminal Investigations. His name is a well known one, a hero of times gone by who serves from the desk now. He was quite proud of his nephew’s rise through the ranks, and is deeply concerned by his defection. He cooperates as ordered, but is frequently concerned with growing lack of transparency in the IDS and its goals, though he remains quite loyal to the organization. Having fought in the war that founded it, he knows the risks of a world without it all to well.








Tyler Weber: A foreigner to Malsa, he is quite loyal to his adoptive country. Determined, ambitious, upstanding, and generally exceedingly talented both as a mage and a leader, the Bureau recognized his merit, and responded accordingly. Placing him at the head of a new branch, the Magical Security Branch, known as the MSB, tasked with finding, investigating, and enforcing in all matters where the breach of law in magic and dimensional matters is concerned. Unfortunately this is shared turf with the IDS, and they are not fond having a shared jurisdictional.







Ryn “Ryn Tomorrow” Koko: When Ikirium inherited Avon, the ship would likely have sank with an inexperienced CEO who had little care for business, had he not brought with him Ryn. Ryn has taken a corporation that is behind its rivals in most profitable consumer markets, and made a fortune – largely on the brand of Ryn himself. He’s been known to sell out marketing conferences faster than many major concerts, and has generated millions of fans of Avon products, and “Ryn Tomorrow” himself.







Ila F-10: The newest of the F Model Prototypes, she’s a bit odd. Though she generally acts like one would expect an android to, she has a tendency to show bouts of annoyance or frustration.

While it’s clear that she was created using the F chassis, exactly what powers the intelligence that animates it is a far greater question. While she has the ability to use magic, no one is quite sure if this is a breakthrough or not.






QuierySketchApril???: ???

Looks like the mobile unit for Peter’s digital assistant, Query. Is generally referred to as an AI, as it has the ability to give conversational replies and interpret complex queries. This may be more accurate then many assume.

Currently in possession of Kyle Kepler. Definitely not suspicious.