So last time Mium tried that I made snide remarks about “Mium, I don’t think that’s how you fix prototypes”… what do I know, apparently that’s how you do it (… 😛 )

I think Mium is straying from the plan again.

Miko does not like going outside. Miko believes the sun is a great evil sent to scourge humanity. Miko also doesn’t have a high opinion of other humans for that matter, but a combination of “we gotta do what we gotta do” and sheer bribery seems to be working.

There will be a new vote incentive tonight (you can view it here; let’s just call it non-canon so we don’t have worry about if it’s a spoiler! suffice to say it was raining today – including on me when I tried to go running – and that may have had some influence on what I drew). The rest of the weeks comics will go up on Patreon tonight – this is good news for everyone, as that means there won’t be any missed updates for impending holiday!

The redraw of the original pages has hit page 5; just… 180 to go! … did you know that there is apparently ONE-HUNDRED and EIGHTY FIVE PAGES of The Far Side of Utopia? Holy shit, I didn’t know that either until I just looked it up. God damn. Well, it’s been a fun ride and there’s plenty more to go… we are just getting started.

PS: I have not forgetting or shirked out on the Lore and World pages, they are coming (in some early form at least) soon! I just want to make sure I’m not telling fibs in them… there is a lot higher bar for things I make public than my own notes 😉