Arkady’s wounds are getting worse as drawing detail gets better… 😐


This magic is actually one of the first things we saw Ila use, she used it against it Rovak. It is actually one of the more common offense oriented magics, and it’s own whole category of magic, called Rupture. I will probably either detail it in comic or on the wiki at some point, but we also saw Nick Otte use it, as the IDS frequently programs it into their autocasters for mages good enough to use it.


It is fairly effective against both physical and Eidos reinforcement making it something of a generic trump card, though Tyler was able to defeat it fairly easily and Rovak was able to survive it, so ‘trump card’ might be overstating it. Kally’s ‘dragonfire’ belongs to the same general class of magic though, so… I suppose it’s a little relative.


Ila has tended to favor her acceleration magic, but she can’t effectively target multiple targets with it with Mium offline.


How did Ila know that someone behind her was about to fire? I’ll leave that as a mystery for now… πŸ™‚