’tis the half page fare, not sure if Thursday will be half a page or not. I was planning on it, but maybe it doesn’t work as well as a half page, idk. I was hoping to finish it today, but didn’t end up with a lot of time, and now I have to do work-stuff for tomorrow. Still, we are sort of head of schedule, this comic was a whole day early.

At this point the wiki is developed enough I figured I can replace the information along the menu bars at the top with just a link to the wiki. If I put up more general information, I will just put it onto the wiki. I think the next lore thing I will will talk about is more stuff on how magic is typically used, as it’s all quite systematic but would probably be a little tedious to explain in much depth in the comic itself. We’ll see.

The cast pages have also been removed and replaced with the Wiki version; the cast page on the wiki even has the most updated version of the cast height chart.

I really appreciate everyone who’s chipped in helped populate out the wiki, it’s pretty cool. I think it will be a fun thing going forward as some people really quite seem to enjoy the rabbit hole known as lore and setting information, so at some point I would like to expend the repository of such things there to be a warren fit for the most inquisitive of rabbits.

I also wasted more time than I probably should have making this; an ad that will run on the TopWebcomicsPage, as it’s about time to audit the various metrics again, and that’s one of the few ad platforms even left. Animated ads are all the range there, but I’m just an old fashioned low tech person, so it’s all a little beyond me. I had to good how to actually make a .gif… I probably should have used flash or something, but I don’t think I have Flash installed anymore. Hey, there’s a reason that sort of shit is usually handled by marketing departments… I barely count as an artist, certainly not an animator or graphic designer. I think it started as a good idea, but ended up being a medicore execution due to the limitations of gif compression (or at least, my intelligence in being able how to compress a gif). I think most actual professional animated ads are not actually just gifs. Originally I wanted to make the hair move too, but that was just too complicated.