If there are any typos, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me a message. I mean. That’s normally the case but I’m a little dozed off currently. [Edit: Haha, literally the first word was a typo. Got that one least :D] Probably a factor in the art too :/ Was hoping to have a little better drawing for Ikki’s reappearance in the comic since it’s been awhile since we’ve seen him.

Yes. Gate is supposed to look like that. I will be adding him to the cast page soon (tomorrow probably) since we do know his name. That update will reveal a little more about situation (like all the cast page blurbs do).

It entertains me to have people in former business suits with purple and orange(I’m not really sure what color that is… pinkish orange? Salmon?) hair, but it made sense that Ikki’s personally guard/minion would be a designer child, so…

The guy to his left isn’t actually a waiter. He’s just sort of crappy at dressing up nice, and low enough on the executive staff he can’t get away with just ignoring proper attire like Ryn.