Update! Sorry that it is both late and of substantially impaired art quality. For those who didn’t see the previous update, unfortunately the artist (me) currently has their drawing arm in a sling, and is having some trouble drawing due to that.

As for the comic… Christ, Myer, that is not how you remove bandages from broken jaws. The mess of apostrophes is my attempt at trying to imitate slurred/mumbled speech; I had intended to forgo more letters to replace them with apostrophes, but most of it didn’t sound right. I dunno, hopefully its clear he’s just talking weird. Didn’t want to use a different font for it.

As for F-10… sheย very likely “understood” if not “reconigzed” the verbal command; we’ll see more how they act, but it’s not like they don’t understand human gestures, intentions, and inflections. F-10 just didn’t LIKE the command.

Hopefully as we move forward my arm will get better and updates will be more prompt on their update days, and quality will at least raise to the mediocre standard previously set. Unfortunately there is a possibility it will require surgery; for which I’m being evaluated next week; should this come to pass I imagine that will complicate the issue further; I’ll keep readers posted in these notes if that eventuality becomes a reality, but in any circumstance I would not expect an extended hiatus of the comic.