Update: Hi all – unfortunately the artist (me) dislocated his drawing arm in a running injury (a vaguely complicated and painful story). I’m not yet sure how this will effect updates; I hope for no hiatus but that may be optimistic. Will keep you posted but if there is a missed update, the comic is definitely not dead! If it takes longer than I hope to return to drawing I will probably temporarily hire an artist to take over, but am currently hopeful there won’t be any problems.


When I started doing these commentaries, I noted that I would try not to spend every commentary commenting on how bad the art was, so I will refrain from commenting on the art.

Welp, I’m done here…

Err… I mean… anyway! Our red eyed friend’s circumstances here are a bit of a logical conclusion from the last panels previously, and the suggested rating of this comic staying at PG-13. I was a little unsure how to render the speech bubbles in panels 2 and 3. I don’t think I’d do it quite that way again, but I wanted to show their situation along side their names as I don’t think it would be clear necessarily who he was talking about otherwise.

And the reference to ‘that business in Ederbad’ may or may not be expounded upon in the future; all that really needs to be said is they’ve met before, and have some conflicting interests; probably in their fashion sense – each thinks the other is entirely lacking one. I have to say while rumpled and bloodstained isn’t usually in, Myer might be winning at the moment… though I’m sure there is a certain faction in favor of our Red-Eye’d Friend’s current attire :/