Sorry this ran a little late. I’m having some computer difficulty. I think I’ve talked about this before. I really need to replace my computer, but it’s sort of hard right now to buy up-to-date computer things, and I’ve been reluctant to buy already out of date computer parts, especially as even those aren’t cheap right now. But I think I’ve limped along this one about as long as it’s going to go… not entirely sure which part is dying (the answer is probably a combination of A and B and maybe C at this point), but it’s definitely getting to the point where I should have dealt with it months ago.

Anyway, comic!

This is a bit rough, partially for aforementioned reasons and I didn’t want to run too much later, and, as is usually the case when things are late, I moved some things around. That’s not unusual, but typically if I do that + something else goes wrong, that’s how things end up late.