So, as it’s a ridiculously late a perfectly reasonable time of day, I’ll keep this short.

Miko’s comment on the hair. Given that was apparently back in 2018, I won’t expect people to remember that Miko had intended to get it cut before being seen by Peter. In Miko’s defense, there’s been a lot to worry about in that time period.

Anyway… g’night. Or hopefully g’morning by the time you see this, unless you are in a part of the world where being awake at the time this posted is even a tiny bit reasonable.


Oh, and as for the comments… I know something is screwy with them (replies going to the top level instead of who you replied to), but not sure what. I don’t think I changed anything, not sure why they suddenly don’t work correctly. There is two ways to fix it so your comment appears as a reply correctly:

  • Hit reply twice. When the reply box is under the comment you are replying to, it will work.
  • Click “Comments” under the page (next to the buttons). This will put your in the comments, and clicking reply will work like normal.

I don’t see an obvious way to fix it, as I don’t know what’s wrong with it… it’s just the basic largely unmodified word press comments for the most part, not sure if other sites are having the same issue or if it’s somehow unique to mine yet, haven’t had a chance to look into it too much.