Well, we are back to having updates buffered ever so slightly, we’ll see how long we can keep that up, eh? Patreon updates should up again on time (or some approximation at least).

Honestly I’m going to be a little impressed with myself if I’ve managed to spell something wrong on this page…

Reading last page, there is a rule to the sport Peter missed, but it’ll likely be followed anyway (since Kally is unlikely to move and Naomi actually knows the rules to the sport). It’s that if you hold or catch the ball, you have to return to the starting position. You only lose the point if the ball has been on your side for fifteen seconds or hits the ground, but you cannot catch it and walk to the front of your court with it.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to take the ball back there, merely that you personally have to be that circle. The farther away you activate your magic from yourself though, typically speaking it’s both weaker and more subject to interference.

We got a new Patreon! Thank you! I’m sorry that I don’t have the bandwidth to put out a bonus page in celebration quite right now, but I’m always deeply appreciative that people support the comic there! I’m still looking forward to hitting the first goal! Getting more Patreon content (in addition to any goals and reward tier stuff) is definitely something that I’m working toward.

So… who do you guys will think will win? A) Naomi, B) Kally, C) Giant robots will start falling from the sky again? šŸ˜›