So… I have some bad news and I have some good news.

The bad news, is that, as mentioned, I’m fairly certain I will be taking one or two weeks off updating. During that time I will try to do the following three things: catch up on Patreon content, build a buffer of a comic or two, and take a bit of a break. If I get at least two of those in I’ll consider it a success. Work has been a giant pain in the arse recently, had a lot of balls in the air in general, etc, etc.

The good news is that for some of you this means more content, sort of. My current plan is to fill the gap for readers by posting the bonus comic I wrote for Patreon – it’s something of a prequel fluff, quite awhile before Peter left CI… as matter of fact, it starts with a character first joining CI 🙂 As for how this equates to more content, there is 10 pages of if that’ll somehow go up over 2 weeks. I will probably just do a page a day.

Unfortunately for people on Patreon who’ve already read it, that’s sort of a gyp deal (since it was your bonus comic originally :P), but I will do make sure we have more updates there over the timeframe to account for that, such as I can anyway.

To be honest, I am not 100% sure what the plan is yet, but I won’t leave you guys without content entirely 🙂 This doesn’t represent burnout, I’m quite excited for the arc coming up, I just need time to catch up on stuff. I’m tired of updating at midnight the day the comic’s due, rather going to bed the day before with it queued to post 😛 I think living pen-to-post is probably not good for the comic, not a great way to get better at drawing, etc.

I don’t anticipate any change in the long term scheduling, and of course, I greatly appreicate your readership and patience (and hey, for the most part… more content during the break, not less! How crazy is that 😛 Though, if we are being honest, it is sort of filler 😛 )