The arrows between panels is something I hope we never do again. Honestly I realized too late that my panel layout was stupid, and it was the best solution at that point without deep panel surgery. You win some, you lose some.

To be honest, I did cut a scene, which would have been Kyston (the IDS SC person here) breaching the lab and the subsequent struggle. This wasn’t something trivial as it’d answer questions like “is Mir a mage?” and have introduced a few more members of her staff. Ultimately I decided it had to go though. I think I’ve gotten a little too deep into showing everything going on, which is not realistically possible. At the beginning I think I tended to skip too much, but there needs to be a balance between the two 😛

That sort of reminds me of what Naomi did to a barrier. Albeit, she was using a tennis ball.

The vote incentive poll is still up. Tealy-the-hacker girl is a surprising dark horse winning by a narrow margin, proving that you don’t even need a name to win a voting poll, but can she hold her lead and displace the old blood? 😉

The Q&A is up! You can find it below if your on the main page or here:

Question and Answers, August 29th.