I mean… technically is this even late? To be late you have to be after it’s expected, and by now I think I’ve managed to adjust expectections for Friday comic posting times… 😛

Anyway… any guesses if we’ve meet this missing Taki, and who it is? 😉

I’ll see if I can refrain from going into politics of the comic world – we haven’t even detangled Malsa politics yet, I can’t really introduce more in good conscious yet. Kyle is part of The Civil Service which probably goes some distance to explain his wardrobe choices, if not what The Civil Service in the comic is… 😉

I did modify Query’s [or so it was formerly called] design slightly. I probably should have not, but I decided I needed to change it and figured it’d be best to do it like a yanking off a band-aid and get it over with; why will make more sense in time.

Next week will probably be two comics(Mon/Wed).