As previously noted, there will be only two updates this week; this one and Thursday. Unfortunately, for the near future, I think I will continue to update on Monday/Thursday until a time that I can rebuild a buffer. If the buffer gets to be more then a few comics, I’ll resume 3-updates a week. Unfortunately we need to get away from the pen-to-presses approach we are in right now. Considerations for hiring an artist are still in the long term form – that would be a fairly large move, which I’ll talk about more if it seems likely.

Arron seems to think he may have connected a puzzle piece – or, I suppose it’s accurate to say, realized that one of the puzzle pieces he was working with was wrong. It’s sometimes the greatest leap when you realize that a fact you had was wrong… it opens whole new worlds of possible connections. Of course… such leaps aren’t always correct – the simplest explanation may be the best, but it still isn’t always right… 😉

He’s got to be somewhat convinced he’s onto something if he’s willing to inevitable have to go through security again though.