This page was fun to draw. Despite nominally being under the impression that I was writing an action comic when I started, it is only very occasionally an action comic so far, so I’ve had pretty little opportunity to actually draw action sequences; hopefully they’ll get better with practice. This page probably has more for-shortening (I think that’s the artsy word) than the rest of the comic combined, as we may recall most previous attempts were really bad, so keep that in mind! ๐Ÿ˜€ I continue to iterate on effects. There is very little method to the madness with Naomi’s, though I’ve left a bit of an easter egg in the last panel ๐Ÿ˜€

I would expect that they will frequently be double pages (twice as long) like this one, but I prefer to have the extra space and feel bad about long periods of time in which only a few seconds have passed and nothing has really happened!

I didn’t get quite get to draw everything I wanted into this page and some of the panels didn’t quite live up to what I wanted, but I’m pretty happy with the last one.

For those that have wondered about the various levels of sanity among the cast, perhaps this will help, and by help I mean add fuel to the fire rather than resolve any questions. Are we sure the main characters are the good guys?

Because it’s unlikely to come up in the comic (at least any time soon) it’s worth noting as was discussed in a long ass time ago there are different types of autocasters – what the IDS agent here is a pretty fancy multiple purpose one; it can usually trigger several spells, but at the cost it’s usually more complicated to use and its activation is slower (since you have to select your spell and its activation calculationย isn’t as streamlined/specialized for the one spell).

5 updates in a week was fun. I will probably be back to 3 next week, but we’ll see. Next update is Monday either way (unless we get a Patreon bonus page, ofc), but I’ll make sure to put up some new stuff over the week – at least a new sketchbook and maybe something else.

Edit: New incentive is up! Sorry it’s a little late. To be honest I had no idea what to draw; did a few sketches but didn’t much like any of them. I realized I still hadn’t uploaded one and figured I better just put something up! So you got what I was currently drawing. Enjoy! Will be ย a new (better) one sometime this weekend, so check back sometime ๐Ÿ˜€

Edit 2: New Incentive… round two! (Just a sketch though) Apparently I lied about the “better” part, haha. I wanted to play around with the powered armor suit design (bet those will never be a plot point) since the Avon one was so bad (though it was supposed to be sorta bad). In the end I spent a fair bit of time sketching things and didn’t end up with a finished product. If I finish one I’ll put it up, but drawing that kind of suit in a finished format (while something I plan to do at some point) takes awhile!