It’s still a little late, but it is less late! We are making progress! I’m hoping with the vastness of a weekend ahead I will be able to get Monday’s up by the usual time. I will try to get Wednesday’s done as well ahead of time, as that’s on the far side of the next doctor appointment in the land of uncertainty.

Obviously I did a little bit of just phoning it on the back grounds. We are going to go with that there is apparently a lot of grass and not much else in this area, and ignore it later if this is slightly contradicted by other landscape shots once my arm is better.

I will try to do a bonus comic for a vote incentive shortly! It will follow our intrepid patrol officer. Of note, there are several kinds of enforcement in Malsa; you’ve seen Bureauย Security way back who were considerably more confrontational and armed; people like this guy are more society watchdogs; they are not armed, and can give you tickets/fines or take someone in, they are not armed and do not deal with armed criminals accordingly.

I’ll write more about society there.


As for the cop here… he’s aware there is no such thing as a permit to carry a sniper rifle. He just decides not to argue the point with someone that has one. He’s a traffic cop, and probably not armed.