Well, it’s pretty close to on time. There are parts that are pretty rough. Unfortunately arm recovery has not been an entirely linear curve. I think it IS getting better, but there are parts of this that were sort of just done with the mouse (with my left hand to add insult to injury). I think those parts are obvious 🙂 Still, I thought it better to add some pattern/texture to the floor than risk the “floating in grey” I tend to have problems with otherwise without clear horizon/vanishing points, and I wanted to get it up tonight/this morning.

As far as the phone message… it’s from Mium. What it said will come up soon enough, though likely not directly as it looks like Peter’s walked into having his hands full for the next bit.

So far the dominos are falling in the general ballpark of Peter’s plan – Myer is free, though there were a few wrinkles it seems to have worked out, the IDS and MSB seem to be not quite getting along… Let’s see if Peter can get keep his plan on track!