Ah, my old secret strategy for better grammar. Now, I won’t guarantee the spelling is right as, technically, there are words that I could spell wrong, but I at least think no dialogue makes me safe from grammar errors.

I expect this another page where the flow will not be super clear, in particular what’s happening in the last panel. There is a lot more dust/smoke being blown around inside, likely from Jayce’s spell in panel 6, as we don’t see anything else happen. Personally, I get the feeling his not really keen on fighting in close quarters, particularly given how that went for him last time, and this time they seem to be trying to stab him; as for his magic for avoiding being sliced (and how he managed to back off), while it allows him to move very quickly for a moment, it lasts only a moment.

The sword itself will come up later I’m sure, but for the time being suffice to say (as someone asked I am a sucker for questions) there is a reason for it, though it being stylized as a sword fairly unnecessary to it’s purpose; it’s more like a specialized auto-caster, but no less useful for stabbing things.

In good news, the next page is already up onย Patreoย for early readingย for the first time in months; the exciting part being that Thursdays page will actually be on time! ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’ll see if I can keep building the buffer or I manage to squander it.

Ah, now look at this, I’ve gone and made up for the lack of words on the page by typing them all down here.