….and we’ve come to the end of the break!

I hope that was at least something to tide you over, and perhaps entertained some to see an earlier version of Peter and Kally. Maybe I will flesh out more of their story (possible just continuing from here) in the future.

I should also probably note that “buying a house” is not, in fact, a normal thing for an IDS agent to do, per se. They usually live in rented apartments or the like as they move around a bit, but when the person teaching you “how to be a normal civilian” is Peter, you cannot expect there to be a large intersection with normal. I could probably do a whole arc on the time he decides to teach her how to collect her salary…


Back to the regularly scheduled updates on monday, and hopefully see you all then, currently looking at that we’ll have about a week of buffer, which is good enough. Did a bit of drawing, and took a bit of a break, all around I think we’re ready to get back to it 😀