Ah. Hi Tyler. You were still standing right there still were you.

Well, you have to hand it to Tyler, the guy is a professional – one patient stare later and his back to business. Maybe there is a reason they put him in charge of the MSB. But does he have the skill to handle a Wild Peter? A Reckless Naomi? Is this all still part of Peter’s Plan?!

Only time will tell.


Patreon Stuff:

So… over on Patreon I’ve restructured some stuff. Perhaps relevant to anyone here that wants more The Far Side of Utopia we have a pretty nearby goal…

Bonus Comic #1 –
$40 per month
I’ll draw an ~10 page side story flashback featuring Kallisto and Peter from happier times! Will be released to Patreon backers two weeks before the pubic release! Featuring backstory! Action! …A… a… happy Kally?!
That’s only $11 dollars away! I know, exciting.