No dialog in this one – dialog during fights often seems strange to me. Dialog in fights too often serves to explain what they are doing rather than that they have anything to say to each other. I’m already guilty of that (and will in the future) but hopefully its mostly clear what’s going on here.

I probably should have used sound effects, but most of them looked silly, so I opted to leave it as an exercise of the reader’s imagination. The yes/no on sound effects will probably be inconsistent as we move forward, who knows.

Obviously I still cannot draw hands, but I’m trying not to let what I can draw determine what’s in the scene – after all, the way I justified putting time into making this comic was learning to draw.

Tyler letting go of his shield to cast his next spell is a common theme – the more spells you ‘cast’ (or ‘calculate’) at one time, the harder – how many simultaneous calculations a mage can do is one of the metrics they are evaluated on.