For those perplexed by Mium’s appearance, I attempted to draw his hair wet. I view this has having mixed results… For what it’s worth, as to why he would go off shower when Peter claims they are busy, I have a suspicionΒ in that in most cases it really doesn’t matter what he’s physically doing… which is probably the source of half of his rather odd behavior.

As for Naomi… (so much restraint! she didn’t even punch him a little bit! so much for Amy’s theory of what happens as soon she stops smiling…) she has a bit of a habit of selling herself short. Personally I doubt that Peter could replace her particularly easily – her former peers in the MSB are some of more talented of their generation and referred to her as a monster… she also seemed to brush over the fact that she is in fact in enrolled in Levenworth in the first place… they don’t really make a habit of taking the non-exceptional sort of people in talent or smarts. While I have no doubt that her plans would end on day one in fire, it’s because her plan probably would read… “Day One: Set everything I don’t like on fire. Day Two: ??? It never makes it to day two”.

I’m going to be really happy to be done with the ripped up shirt. You have no idea how many times I had to go back to because I forgot a rip or wholeΒ hole (leaving evidence of typo so comments make sense… πŸ™ ) or dirt spot… 😐

Friday’s comic should have gone up on Patreon already, but Manga Studio had this little… accident. Let’s just say it did is monthly reminder that I should save more often… it waits just long enough for me to get a false sense of security, than bam. Crash. Few hours down the drain :/ It’ll be up shortly though, I redrew it in mostly one sitting out of spite.

Various pages are in progress – character page update is about halfway through on art, but I’m going to add some new characters and bio’s for existing ones that have placeholders soon; progress on the Lore and World pages is still sort of in the draft stages as I figure out what those are going to look like (not something to fancy to start with, that’s for sure). Happy to take suggestions if there are specifics people want to make sure are covered.