Don’t worry – I did say I’d say the owners of the building would come up, we are getting there! As well as why Mium has just doubled his word count – he is not monologuing without reason here – as you may have noticed he’s not big on explaining things when he doesn’t have to; if he starts explaining things in detail either his required to or he’s up to something. Or both.

Unfortunately once he starts… well, next page will probably be text heavy 😐

I think this entire story arc could be summed up as “Ila has a really bad day.” It’s been a pretty hard chapter for her…

I originally considering trying to move to use sketchup references for the backgrounds here, but wasn’t able to get a good look. It’s something I will continue to experiment with and may someday make the an appearance, but for now we’ll have to make do with this sort of deal. Maybe someday we’ll get lighting effects on the background, but currently these pages are already usually going over the time limits imposed by this being a hobby and 3 pages a week, etc, etc, wah, wah. 😛

Edit: Someone pointed out that the second-to-last panel (the insert panel) needed to be flipped. I think they were right, so I flipped it. Perspective and geometry is hard. To be honest I added that at the last moment when I realized that otherwise it would be hard for the reader to know she was still “awake/active”.