Once more I struggle with how to make thought bubbles. I’ve left them as just simple squared off bubbles with no tails, since I think its pretty clear whose thoughts are  being represented here (and since I don’t use the square bubble for narration as I don’t have narration) I hope it’s clear enough.

Will try to get a new vote incentive up in a bit (you’ll know its updated when the thumbnail changes. Not making massive progress on the buffer, but I am very slowly getting ahead. Even given the circumstances though I really do want to make sure the art starts making progressing again – was okay with it stalling out for a but don’t want to sort of plateau (which would be a generous description of where we’ve been at the last couple weeks).

Little over a week till surgery now; still not a ton of info of what will happen after it. For now I am not hiring an artist to cover for me and hoping there will be no break in updates. No promises yet though. No real improvement on the shoulder either though, unfortunately.