Sorry it ran a little late this week, but didn’t want to skip since we had a block of missed comics recently.

Little bit of a time crunch on drawing it, and figuring out how I want to draw the demon took a bit of time. We’ve seen them look completely human, and completely not, but not as much of the in-between stage, though we briefly saw it some with Atter as he started to take damage. Generally speaking, as they take damage they’ll regenerate it more like a demon, like if they lose an arm, it wouldn’t regrow as a human arm, but also just tend to start developing more monster like features as they use their powers too much, as their data overwrites the body they were using (various things cause that to happen much faster, but this isn’t a dissertation on demons in the settings, just an explanation of what the art is showing).

The demon isn’t a character we’ve seen before.