Now, I can save us some time in the comments:

  • You, Smart Comment Person: PastUtopia, did you really think it was a good idea to label the bubbles with crudely drawn arrows and numbers? Was that the best idea you had to make the page coherently readable?
  • Me: Look, by the time I’m posting this this it’s roughly past my bedtime’s bedtime – we are well beyond good ideas, let alone best ideas.

Anyway… it’s not a consistent thing, I just messed up the page layout as I was in a bit of a rush, and didn’t have time to figure out how to untangle it (as that’s sort of challenging once the page is drawn, that’s why you lay these things out first). There’s a lot of a reasons but mostly because I was in a bit a hurry, and predictably I decided to combine two pages together, here we are.

So, if you get confused by the panel order, they are labeled. It’s not that drastically bad, it’s still mostly top to bottom, left to right, but there are a few leaps that don’t really make sense.

Even the time of day (wait, the other thing, where it’s not all black out and everyone else in the world is asleep) I’m posting this, there’s probably a few more grammar errors than there’s been recently. I’ve tried to clean them a little, but this is a dangerous combination of lots of words and well beyond approved working hours for brain cells.

I will definitely miss the 26th, so I will do my best to update next week.