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Onto the comic…

Perhaps the tirade was predictable. ๐Ÿ™‚

For those that want to read the whole thing:

“Heโ€™s already unconscious, they said! Giving him more sedatives could kill him, They said! He wonโ€™t be moving for weeks, they said! This entire organization would be more effectively staffed by the monkeys of damnation. We have a droprover that was downed by a single mage and marshals that canโ€™t even keep one unconscious old man under lock and key for an hour! Do these people even get trained?! I sure as hope they are not getting paid! Maybe they will at least by qualified to guard their own miserable carcasses when they after they get thrown into jail for their own-”

I intentionally left a few bits that are not entirely sensible – it was mostly written in “don’t stop typing angry rant for 15 seconds” to simulate realistic-tantrum-ranting-experience(tm)