Comic. Sorry for the slight delay this time around.

When Kally talks about an Eidos fingerprint, some people can sense when an object has a large amount of Eidos data attached to it; since the Bridgepoint data contains Eidos data (rather than simply being a computer file), it would feel like a bright point or high density point in Eidos, sort of like a person would; like how Naomi recognized Nathan’s staff as something rather an unusual immediately. Characters like Magnolia Dai or Mione take this much farther by being able to – to varying extents – read and parse Eidos data in some form. Someone like Naomi struggles to pull any useful data from it, but can sense its presence. Most natural or innate mages would have some degree of sense of that, though usually less than some like Naomi.

This sort of thing would generally be expected to be based on proximity to a fairly large extent; though the Bridgepoint data might be harder to spot than an artifact, Kally both knows its there and is quite close to it, which is why she would expect to be able to sense it, combined with Peter’s confidence that someone will find it wherever he leaves it, combined with his houses generally blowing up when he’s not in them, and her general suspicions of Peter’s abilities is what makes her guess he’s is somehow shrouding it.

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