Sorry this is a little late. Had some computer trouble yesterday, and unfortunately have my plate for a little right now so adding another ball to juggling circle means things got a little behind. My computer has decided to adopt an isolationist policy and stop talking to the internet (fix in progress for it still…).

It is intentional that Arron switches languages here and Peter did not. Frequently IDS people speak the local language even amongย themselves (habit and practice I guess?).

I think Peter is likely a walking security clearance violation at the best of times, but I suspect this time has less to do with being careless…

I think that’s the second time Nathan has been mention in the comic. Tom and Nathan were the main characters of a story I wroteย up before I madeย this one (and is where much of the setting of this one comes from). While the timeline has shuffled a bit since than, they are still present in the background of this one, so I can’t really say more than that without various spoilers.

New vote incentive, btw. That’s #1 and #2 from the character poll, and all we are probably going to get because October is on us!

Please submit your ideas for costume based incentives! Either email me, comment here, or comment on the contact page. General rules are any characters from the comic, and with either generic customes, or outfits from various related media. If it’s obscure include a reference link. If there are a ton of suggestions I’ll do votes, otherwise I’ll just pick randomly.

Bored of always seeing the characters wearing the same thing? Think Tyler would make a fine Jedi (from last year, don’t judge my shoddy(er) art!)

Let’s do more, better, and … [third good thing here] this year!