Well, I’ve run out of buffer, but I’ve also made it past worst of it for work, so I think I should be on schedule for monday, and able to rebuild the buffer again next week as I have a couple days off work. It’s possible they might find more work for me to, but it’s also possible that if they do I may tell them to fuck off, in which case I would have a lot of time for drawing the webcomic… It wasn’t a great week last week. The correlation between lack of sleep and cantankerousness grows stronger as I get older, and there were a few sub 4 hour sleep nights last week.

I reckon Mium is a bit more used to playing in 3rd person with camera toggle than most people. I think Ila takes an out of body experience fairly well for the opposite reason – she just doesn’t reflect that much on it – things just don’t seem that weird to Ila, because her bar for normal isn’t really in the typically spot.