So, I’ll not beat the dead horse too much regarding the issues of the last few days, you can go read the comments from the last update if you’re interesting and didn’t see them already. Long story short, site was hacked, lots of hassle. I’ve upgraded various things and paid for proper hosting so I’m not handling this myself anymore. I’d like to take a moment to really thank all the folks that support this on Patreon that make that a viable option! That made a big difference in the options I had in getting this resolved and not a problem for the future. An additional thanks to the people that offered to pitch in and help with data recovery or getting things sorted out.

Unfortunately all this means I haven’t made a lot of progress in getting the buffer going, bonus drawings (it’s freaking October, the prime month for costume themed drawings!) and Minus Years, etc, but we should be getting back to all that on track now (I say that every time, don’t I… but this time I had a really good excuse πŸ™‚ )

Have costume ideas? You know the drill! Comment or email Character from the Comic + Costume, and there’s a decent chance it’ll get drawn. Better chance if you do it on Patreon, obviously, but frankly I usually get around to most of the suggestions (least I did last year… we do have more people than we used to…).