Going to be honest, while much of this chapter is things that I’ve been looking forward to, this page was not one them. There are a lot of reasons for that – up until the point of publishing I still am not 100% sure how I wanted to represent the ‘dialogue’ here. A lot of the drafts were a lot more… obscure. A lot of them were more stylized, I really didn’t want to go the dialogue bubble approach at first, but I had to compromise. Additionally this one scene where I knew that there is sense of motion and time that I could not capture, I tried some tricky things with raindrops, but ultimately don’t think it panned out quite like I’d like.

Ultimately I think it’s a page that is necessary in the long run, so bear with me, even if you can’t be bothered to read most of it now πŸ˜›

I do want to note that read and appreciate all comments – I comment less on the theory/plot speculation threads because while I’m happy to clarify and explain about the world and mechanics, I don’t want to confirm or deny too much as I know figuring out things is half the fun for many of you. It’s fascinating to read people’s theories! Really blows my mind how much people managed to parse out of the comic – I try not to underestimate ya’ll, but you continue to blow me away with the investigative analysis and speculation πŸ˜›