Most of the facilities being effectively evicted from Malsa are actually PACT Special Operations site, as they operated on “IDS” Territory. With the Consul’s revoking the the Interdimensional Treaty, there is no longer – according to Malsa – such a thing as IDS Territory in Malsa, thus Malsa can – according to Malsa – freely enter these zones with Malsa warrant rather than an IDS Approved Warrant.

Technically speaking this is the same asΒ  evicting. The actual IDS were evicted, but in theory many of these facilities could continue to operate. In practice, however, it seems unlikely they would accept the new terms, as for the most part PACT regards the local authorities with roughly the same contempt the IDS does.

Realistically, while the IDS might be able to pull out over night if they’d set their mind to it (it seems that Arron intended to at least some degree), there was never a realistic shot that PACT could pull out all their facilities covered by the IDT even if they wanted to, which seems unlikely. So the questions really posed were was Malsa going to execute on its self-granted ability to enter formally IDS protected locations, and if they do, is the IDS (or PACT) going to move to protect those locations… and that’s before they even get to that the actually included Arpon in the zone they were “accepting responsibility’ for, which will include the additional question if it seems like that Arpon would let them enter those zones – considering relations started at frosty, most expert analysis would point to “Very Unlikely”.

Ultimately, I don’t know how how much the digression into international politics of the comic is required to understand what happens on page. My goal is that basically none is required – or at least known beyond what’s easy to assemble from the page – but I think some people like to know more, and there is just limited space for such digressions and analysis on panel πŸ˜‰


Update on November break! I am currently planning on missing four updates, 20th, 23rd, 27th, and 30th. That said, you guys will get something, as I will run Part II of Minus Years – that said, Minus Years updates are half a page now, so it’ll be reduced content. I think you can actually see that bleeding into comics like this one where honestly I basically just tacked two half page comics together πŸ˜› Remember when I said my goal was to keep pages to 6 panels…? 😐 I’m bad at that part.

I’m still toying around with some other ideas. I will have a tablet with me, so there’s a possibility I’ll draw stuff, it’s just a Surface tablet, so the quality wouldn’t even be up to Minus Years spec, that said, I might experiment and play around with a lower-polish tier bonus comic for Patreon or something during that time. I would like to find something that lets me give a little bit more content.