Okay, this time I will not try to claim that it’s still Thursday somewhere. Only because I am fairly sure it’s not.

So, I think I will update normal next week, and then the week after will very likely be a break from normal updates while I try to remake a buffer of some sort. I will not leave you guys entirely out in the cold, I will probably publish the little prequel story Minus Years I wrote for Patreon over that week – I don’t know quite the logistics of it, but probably will do more than one page an update as otherwise it’d run for 5 weeks (and work on a bit of a Patreon backlog and new little fun thing maybe on there, so they aren’t getting no new content on Patreon).

I would like to be a little more consistent both in the time pages have, and the time I have to do pages. I think there are process flow and allocation solutions to the problems for the most part, but I need to get a little more disciplined with how I use my time. While I’m happy to just keep things as they are in many ways, I’d also like to get back at least a little to doing more with working to improve the comic and expand the audience and set up new goals, expand the rewards, and do better on delivering the ones that exist (like… early updates… 😐 ) for Patreon – it’s not an operation about money, but such things are still nice and a good thing to work toward, since, ideally, rewards are the sort of things that benefit both the Patreons and the readers in the long run (more art, more stuff).

Anyway, I shan’t delay this already late comic further with my incessant rambling… ah… wait… I already have been for the last ten minutes?! To the presses people! Publish! Publish!