I did debate a bit on how to draw panel 9… magic effects are really where I still bemoan my drawing skills. Like, I guess I do when I have to draw something I clearly can’t draw like a car… but at least with that, I can usually get close enough that people are like “oh, that’s a car”. With the magic effects I have a sort of idea what I want it to look like, but don’t really think I’m particularly good at rendering that effect. Perhaps it’s for the best – it’s like rorschach magic… I just draw glowy it looks like whatever the reader thinks look correct/cool… πŸ˜‰

We will probably see more about Magnolia’s sight in time. It is not exactly like Mione’s, but they have more similarities than differences… at their root, they are very similar abilities. Magnolia is a bit more of an outlier than we’ve dealt with yet when it comes to magic, as she is not from either Central or Malsa, so she views somethings a little differently, even if its fundamentally the same magic system, how someone approaches it can effect how they interact with it.

Storing comics is slowly filling up my harddrive. I store each comic in the .lip, .psd, and .png formats on my computer. That might be a little overkill, as I don’t really need the .lip once I make the .psd (photoshop version); what I really need usually is the layered .psd version for when I inevitably spell things wrong. With my old comics I don’t have the layered version anymore, which is why fixing the text on those is a pain in the arse. Fortunately back than the text bubbles were completely opaque, so it’s pretty easy to just paste over them if I need to fix something. Would be real pain now, but fortunately I keep the layered versions… unfortunately those layered versions are 50 MB+ a piece, plus another 20 or so MB for .lip version. I could solve this problem, I just find it amusing because when I bought this computer I thought “eh, might as well add a 1 TB drive, can’t see filling that up…” … Enter comics. It is slowly filling up… Fortunately, this is a problem that can be solved. Disk space is pretty cheap these days (and yes, technically its all stored in cloud storage as well, but that’s more of a backup, would be a pain in the arse to rely on that).