Well, I’d like to point out it’s not per se a wall of text. More like an… island chain of text. Well. Maybe a set of text continents. But there are definitely gaps in it! Still enough I’m sure dumb-up the spelling and grammar somehow πŸ˜›

I think this is probably a good comic to show the Map once more (click for full size).

I don’t guarantee map accuracy. I am not a cartographer, but it maybe helps to keep track of who-the-hell is who when we wade into the political mire. Resh has been on the losing end of wars with Orin for longer than living memory at this point, as they previous generations of military magic advances have favored Orin for sometime now. Historically Resh relations with Malsa have been fairly good, though mostly because Resh is always fighting to the North and needs someone to buy stuff from. Historically this involved material and foods, but with Malsa becoming a major player in many of the imported new technologies (like autocasters), their relationship is evolving – Malsa is suddenly something Resh may view as a rival… or an opportunity, given the right conditions.

Have you voted in the poll below? It is a poll of… well, no importance whatsoever, but hey, pictures! Surprisingly Monk is the lead, guess that’s a good thing since it means the original stands, but we’ll see. Pretty sure Naomi will finally lose in this one… πŸ˜‰



Just to update ya’ll, Monday’s comic will be closer to Monday EoD than Monday Start of day… πŸ™

Ended up working this weekend unexpectedly and didn’t have my shit together in regarding buffering and time management! Will be up sometime tomorrow though.