Still sort of busy with stuff and the like. Buffer is suffering a bit, but should be done tomorrow(ish).

The situation at work has gone full untreated sewage, to the point where I can’t even really complain about it here, though I’m 99% sure legal departments don’t read my comic (though after saying that much I should at least clarify that part has nothing directly to do with me). Suffice to say that everyone involved seems to have a highly implausible idea of what it is developers do, but even if my finger tips produced literal magic I don’t think it would solve things at this point, unless that magic involved time travel and some things I shouldn’t type but sound a lot like the title of a play written by Arthur Miller.

Anyway… I shouldn’t rant about these things as you guys are here for a comic, but you see… there is this thing about little empty boxes that you can put text in… words just start filling them… It’s probably of the reason that social media was a mistake.

Ryn may think he is genre savvy, the problem is he probably assumes he’s the main character, with all the perks that come with that (well… in most stories, anyway). Maybe I will write that story someday.