It’s still Thursday. Some places.

I spent a long time trying to figure out if it’s “loyalties lie” or “loyalties lay”. Lay looks more correct to me, but the internet did a compelling job of convincing me that it was lie, and if there is one place you can’t ever get wrong information, it’s random results on Google. … … yeah, someone will tell me if it’s wrong I imagine 😛

Specifically I reckon Kally thinks Peter is the third best, when it comes to the spook-ing business. She rates herself the best when it comes to the dragon-ing business. She’s probably [spoilers, spoilers, and more spoilers]. She was always content to leaving the plot-ing and the clever-ing to Peter.

I put up a little something I wrote awhile I ago on a lark, you can read it over -> here. It’s about 3 pages of novelization of The Far Side of Utopia’s first three pages. I dunno if that’s something I’d ever do, but it was a fun little project. I’d often thought I’d write The Far Side of Utopia rather than draw it back in the day, but of course I never really expected to publish either version 😛 – this however isn’t any original manuscript, rather I wrote it reading the first three pages into novel format.

I also put up a new sketchbook entry for the first time in awhile where I practice digital painting. This is not known for it’s spectacular results, but it’s something I can do when I want spend some time drawing but lack the brainpower to draw comic pages, as those require some degree of actually thinking while drawing, and lately brain power has been at a premium.

My work still wants to ship me to the other side of the country, because sending your employees to places randomly selected by throwing darts at a map is apparently what bored managers do for fun, so there is the potential for a missed comic or two in the next couple weeks, but I’ll let you guys know what’s up if we come to that.