Not Ila’s fault humans have weird priorities and problems.

Realistically speaking in her defense “talking to the police” probably would not really have gone well for anyone involved. Technically it was Bureau agents, as regular cops wouldn’t get within being exploded distance of the hospital incident, but frankly neither Ash (a member of the families) or Ila (who is Ila) really differentiate on that point, mostly because neither of them deal with the normal cops.

Still sort of sick. Buffer should be back in working order as of tomorrow; I don’t think we’ll go back to full pages quite yet though, not till we have more buffer and everything is more in order. If it starts getting to 3 or 4 or something crazy I’ll go back to full pages. Or I’ll do a full page anyway because I make bad decisions, we’ll see.

Naomi has a clear lead once again it looks like, I am pretty surprised that Kally and Miko are beating Ila though, as she’s the only that’s gotten close to beating Naomi before and was the runner up last year. It seems the “haha I bet the character would hate this” crowd is turning out strong. I mean, given that we have a dragon in the 5th spot…

The Consul gained some ground after being added to the poll, but is still lagging pretty far behind. Guess it wasn’t quite a fair contest thought joining late. We’ll see if she pulls off some ground, will probably run it for about a week more to see if we get many straggler votes as we are still getting a fair number of votes, and I don’t need till draw it till around Christmas time.

Am still sick. 😐 Probably getting better though.

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