I am pretty sure there is only one person on earth that would guess the correct read order of the bubbles in the last panel, and that’d be me. Meh. It seemed like a valid idea at the time.

This page was drawn in one sitting… but least we made it before the day rolls over (by my time!). Took about 7 hours from blank paper to finished comic. Don’t think I have the spare focus available to do most pages like that though anymore. Waste too much on silly things like work.

Anyway… this page is like my word budget for the week. I think I’ve been making a lot of super wordy pages recently. I swear it isn’t just an excuse to get out of drawing things! The words take a long time too (… even if well, you know… grammar).

I have a minus years page drawn, it’ll go up tomorrow on Patreon. Will probably try to wrap it up at 11-12 page mark, as I think that’s more or less what was promised. I think I will use it to take a break at some point (ie; put it up instead of a comic update or something?) I haven’t decided yet – I am having a bit of a rough spot keeping though, and don’t want to leave a content gap, then I gotta come with something for the Patreon peopl.

I don’t know that I am happy with the Minus Years side story now that it’s mostly done, I was not up to the challenge of making a coherent 10 page story πŸ˜› but it’s something (and practice makes perfect, etc, etc). Trying to figure out a new Patreon reward/goal that might work out better. I may try some sillier/fluff stuff, revive some of the ‘behind the scenes with the cast’ silly comics or something. Maybe I will try to do another side story, but definitely wouldn’t be a 1 full page a week as I wasn’t able to keep that up really.