I will note that Peter dropping the <> of the Central is intentionally. He’s talking in Malsan after this first panel, Arron is talking in <Central> the whole time.

The governmental structure of Malsa is just one of those things that I haven’t gotten much chance to dive into, but I expect that most people could guess that who’s in power behind the Consul. The Consul still only really holds power because the majority of the Families support her. The Rogue Families are something we haven’t seen much of, but I doubt we’ve seen the last of them.

Sorry for the delay. Just a bit of unfortunate personal drama where a long time friend of mine who has slowly been in the process of becoming… not a long time friend… sped that process up greatly by managing to be belligerently drunk and violent by noon on Monday and going down hill from there, and the fall out from that will be something that’s going to take some solving for awhile. All around a pretty unpleasant business. Anyway… as they say the show must go on.