I wonder how long it’ll take Kally to notice Mium seems to have replied to a conversation in IDS-speak.

Correspondingly, only the blonde haired agent can actually understand Mium, which is why the armored fellow is not exactly correctly assuming what Mium and Ila said. He does, however, unlike Kally, seem to recognize a phone when he sees one.

Hopefully its waterproof. I’m sure they have waterproof phones. Wonder if it has a headphone jack though…

To be fair, Arron would certainly tell her not to trust any of them, but I think Mium would be fine with that, he doesn’t really want anything from her besides for her not be kidnapped.

Unfortunately we are bit back into pen-to-publish, so this was a tad rushed. Been a bit busy with various things, but will work on getting back to the land of buffered updates soon. For a few glorious weeks we doing pretty good there.