Apparently ethereal dragons can still roar. Makes sense to me, seems like a core part of a dragons identity.

It’s unsurprising (from an in-world perspective) that Otte recognizes Kally magic; she’s sort of famous, and sort of famous for summoning dragons to eat things that foolishly annoy her to boot; he would certainly have heard of her even before investigating Peter. Plus, even during her career in Criminal Investigations, she and Peter were becoming very well known as a star team, with only a matter of time before they would be high ranked Special Agents. There is another reason Kally would be well known, but that’ll come up later.

As far as summoning ethereal objects – most mages can make shapes (like the shields) that don’t move of varying resilience – they are simple to conceive and calculate; some can do things like the chain that we saw Red Eyed Friend’s minion use where they are animated; complicated ones like Ila’s hand are harder; few can make an actual creature since it requires both a very high level of calculation/spell to do it, and a high level of projection/imagination to envision what the calculation/spell would be, let alone do it.

There are probably names in the page people won’t know – that’s okay, most or all of them haven’t been used before, but we’ll probably see some more from at least some of those IDS Agents.

Poor Peter – while he complains that he can’t jump off roofs, that really doesn’t seem to bother anyone else. He’s gotta step up his game.

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