Hey. I think I recognize that guy.

Technically two of those people can be recognized, but the green haired girl has only appeared briefly previously (and it was a long time ago). Her deal will probably be explained sometime later.

There is a new vote incentive; see it here. To be fair it’s  sort of a placeholder – just a random sheet of faces I was doodling when it came time to post this comic. I told you guys I was working on expressions. … Not saying it’s going much of anywhere, but I’m working on it!

Nothing else to really update here. Life is sort of like an engine revving in neutral currently – lots of spinning, not much moving. Hopefully something will catch sooner or later 😉

Shoulder is getting better at least – doesn’t hurt at all when I run; still bothers me swimming and stuff, but that’s to be expected. Have started to play tennis again (left handed, obviously). Frustrating. It’s like trying to play an FPS with a joystick – sure, it’s possible, but damn is it harder to control and aim 😉

The current vote incentive is a placeholder… in the spirit of October (which is to say Halloween) lets do this – suggest a character (from my comic) and costume (from comics, anime, video games, webcomics, or just general) and I’ll put it up as the vote incentive. No guarantees (based on how many suggestions I get). Feel free to promote pick a costume from your own comic if you’re a comic creator or fan 😉

Preemptively… “Purple girl” is not a typo of “Purple haired girl”; I just found more entertaining that way – she tends to have a lot of purple involved between the hair, eyes, and all the glowy stuff.