Poor Ricci. He didn’t like Karov doing nothing, but now that he’s got the reigns all options seem to be bad. I suppose the difference between him and Karov is willingness to pick between two bad decisions when he has to.

We’ll catch up with Arron soon. Who knows the Consul is still alive is vague. Arron knew that the killing was faked and may have told Ricci, but as he doesn’t even really know how it was faked all that really ends up being is conflicting reports, as while Arron is willing to chalk it up to “Peter faked it somehow” with compelling evidence, telling people that someone somehow faked it isn’t going to be super convenience and would make Arron sound a little crazy; while Arron guessed it has something to do with Ellipses (and realized that Peter had left him to intentionally guess that so is now somewhat suspicious of that guess, right or wrong), that’s not a well understood ability at the best of times. While Ricci himself would probably take Arron’s word for it, it becomes a tenuous and confusing chain of events. Even if the Consul were to appear on TV, faking a TV appearance would be vastly easier than faking the assassination in front of the assassins, but enough people and spies know that people are saying the Consul is alive by now that there’d be a swirl of very conflicting rumors.