…no, neither of them take a traffic cop even the tiniest bit seriously. I feel sort of bad for him.

While Naomi primarily knows Mium as Mium rather than Query, she knows a fair bit about history, just because she spends a bunch of time with him and has likely pestered him before. She did demand a picture of Ila after all.

The idea of mistranslating idioms is a little amusing given that the both Central and Malsan tend to use English idioms because they are English in the comic. Kally’s Malsan is pretty good, but she isn’t as good as fluent as most of the main cast. It’s better than Naomi’s Central though, which is fairly bad.

…in case it’s not obvious why Naomi decides not give the cop her ID, she realizes it has natural hair color in the photo. Trying to avoid getting in trouble for that by getting in trouble for the curfew may not make a ton of sense, but Naomi was told to not get in trouble for the hair color, so worries about that one more. As to why Naomi has the ID in the first place when Mium has undoubtable made her one with black hair… it’s the one that she has her gym membership on, you see.