Sorry for the delays on the comic. Hopefully next week will be on time. I’ve gotten a bit of a start on it, so we’ll see but I’m hopeful.

The progress of the comic pages and the general consequent progress of the comic as a result has been a bit slow; this would normally be the point where I think I’d have to consider hiring out an artist or some sort of solution like that – it’s something I’m considering, the issue stems from uncertainty. My job is a bit up in the air all things considered, and while I’ll be likely fine if I get laid off, it does mean it’s not a great time to commit to any sort of long term plans… particularly as if I get laid off, at least in the short term, there’s a good chance keeping to schedule wouldn’t be so hard 😀

I feel like I’ve been punting on figuring out the details for awhile now, but I’m going to have to for at least a little bit more as we see what happens with the world. I would actually like to spend more time on the comic in general, particularly on the writing side – I want to get back to finishing Tyler’s story, and I’ve wanted to write a novelization of the comic for awhile as a cross between a summary and fun extra, but right now time for either idea is fairly unlikely. Heck, there’s a handful of stories I’d like to write in the setting. I also feel like the art in general has been something that has suffered from the fact that it’s always under a deadline – I almost never get time to just doodle and sketch things currently, which is something I quite enjoyed doing.

This isn’t all the fault of my job – as many of you know I have other hobbies that have nom’d large chunks of what free time I do have, like running D&D games and working on custom D&D content which is a particular hobby that’s grown far beyond expectation, and many other little things and projects I like to dabble in here or there (or less productively various video games here and there, though they’ve gotten squeezed from the schedule even more than the comic). Unfortunately I’m not quite to retirement yet, so we’ll have to see how things play out with the day job for now, as it tends to lord over everything else like a hungry time devouring dragon.

We will march on either way, it’s just sometimes a slow plodding march. At very least we will finish the story arc the comic set out to tell, and from there we’ll see what TFoU 2 or whatever (it would probably not be called that for reasons that would be obvious, but you never know, legacy names and all that 😀 ) looks like in future prospects… that’s all a few years off either way still at the rate we are going though.