We are still just sort-of buffered. Was supposed to catch more up today, but I opted to take a nap instead after around the third time I just zoned out starring at my tablet. Did not help. Somehow taking a nap made more tired. Apparently my napping skill is too low. Seems like a skill that would be pretty time intensive to level up though.

Tom’s dialogue is gonna be a little tricky to spellcheck, since he sort talks like his words all get stepped on ‘fore he said them, and they are squished out into a drawl with bits and pieces missin’. He can talk more proper like, but I reckon he avoids doin’ so for the sake of perservin’ his image.

Mayhap someday we’ll see how Tom got so Tom-like. I actually don’t know if his backstory will be included in the comic or not, he and Nathan are mostly at a tangent to this story.