Well, technically it is up on Monday by my clock… 😀 That’s 5 whole minutes to spare.

Wednesday comic will be more on time (though maybe not old standard of whatever time that WordPress thinks midnight is though…)

I bet it is never a plot point that Peter’s phone shows system alert messages while it’s locked. Nope, bet that never comes up.

Always perplexes me how relatively rarely Peter and Naomi have shown up considering they are nominally the main characters.

I think it’s about time to do a new vote incentive but I have no idea what to draw. If you have an idea or a character from the comic you’d like me to do a bonus sketch of, leave the idea in a comment or send me a message.

Update: I’m still looking into adding a usable archive. So far not making great progress. I’ve added a button to the archive of my comic by Comic Rocket for the time being (along the top bar). Comic Rocket is a comic-framing site that contains a full index list of the pages, than while you are browsing the comic you can use the slider at the top to skip to a general section of the story. Not perfect (especially as it’s a framing solution) but better than nothing, and Comic Rocket isn’t a bad service (though not perfect), so I don’t mind linking to it for now.